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June Fun Week!!! ☆ English Time

June Fun Week!!! ☆ English Time


Hello everyone!

Another month has passed by and that means another Fun Week was finished at the end of June! This month’s craft was a set of vegetable number cards! As always, we all loved making everything as colorful as we can!

“Please cut carefully!”

Our cards were a puzzle, where our numbers could be separated from the pictures! But, only if we were up to trying to cut along the puzzling lines. If we didn’t cut them into puzzles, we used them as easy counting cards.

We had so many different ways to play, too! We are all really good with trying to count! We can put everything in a row, or match our numbers to the pictures they go to.

“Carrot goes here…”

“Do you know what vegetable this is?”


“Yes! How many tomatoes are there?”

“Uh, one… two… three…”

Our game for Fun Week was Duck Duck Goose. Our teachers catch us so easily! 

“Duck… Duck… Duck… Goose!”

“Run run run!”

But we ran as fast as we could to catch our friends too!

“Duck… Duck.. Duck… Duck…”

“Who is goose!?”

“Duck… Duck… Goose!”

We liked to try to be sneaky as we played, running from our Goose before we called them up!”

Good Job, English Time! We are so happy to see how much fun you have with us and with each other!