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These Are a Few of Our Favourite Things! ☆Preschool


These Are a Few of Our Favourite Things!☆Preschool


Hello everyone! It's Preschool here!

Today we wanted to show your some of our most favourite activities that we like to do in class!

One of our most favourite things to do is singing along to our favourite songs during lesson time...

We know lots of different songs and can remember the words and actions to each of them!

When Hannah asks, "What song shall we have?" we all call out the song we want to sing next...

Currently we love to sing, 'Fish Song', 'I See Something Blue...' and 'One Potato, Two Potato...'

As well as singing along to songs, we love playing along to songs too!

Music time is one of our best times! We each choose an instrument by asking, "Can I have...please?" or "...please?"

"Maracas, please!"


When we all have our instruments it's then time to start playing!!!

"Can you play loudly? Can you play quietly?"

When we're warmed up its then time to play along to our favourite songs!

We especially like playing along to, "B.I.N.G.O" and "Old MacDonald"...

There's always time for a dance party!!!

As well as singing and playing along to our favourite songs we can't help but dance along to them too!

Here we are dancing to our favourite alphabet song the "ABC Song!"

"What amazing dancing everyone!!!"

Above all else, we absolutey love Parachute Time!!!!!

Today we put balloons on the parachute and had to throw them up in the air...

We're getting really good at holding onto the handles and moving the parachute up and down!

"Up...Down...Up...Down...and Shaky, Shaky!!!!!"

At the end of a busy day, there's nothing we like more than to sit down with a good book and share a story...

Story time is our favourite time to unwind and relax before home time!

We love hearing our favourite stories and can join in with some of the words too!

Our favourite books right now are 'Llama, Llama Red Pajama' and 'I'll Wait, Mr. Panda.'

Well done, Preschool!!!

We love creating these fun memories with you, and we can't wait to make some more!!