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Sink or Float? ☆ Kindy 2

Sink or Float? ☆ Kindy 2


Hello everyone!

Our science lesson this week was all about whether different objects could float in water. We enjoyed learning how to make predictions. 

We learned all about what it means to sink or float, with a different drawings on the board.

"Heavy objects will sink and light objects will float."

We learned that predictions are guesses about what will happen during an experiement. 

"Raise your hand if you think a book would float."

We even got to make predictions on our worksheets before we started our experiement.

"Hmmm, will a pencil sink?"

"I think the pencil will sink."

We were so excited to see if our predictions were right!

"Who thinks the paper clip will float?"

"I do!"

"I was right!"

We got to see if two different types of spoons would sink. We had a plastic spoon and a metal spoon. We could guess which spoon was heavier than the other. 

"Which spoon do you think will sink?"

"The metal one!"

We made sure to write down all the results of our experiment after each object!

Great job doing your experiment Kindy 2!