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The Write Stuff ☆ Kindy 3

The Write Stuff ☆ Kindy 3


Hello again, everyone! It's another Kindy 3 blog and this time it's all about Language Arts! Every month Kindy 3 gets a new workbook, and every book gets progressively harder. This has been going on since Kindy 2, so it goes without saying that the workbooks are getting pretty hard by now!

First everyone follows along with the teacher, being careful to listen for words they may not know. The goal is to get a feel for the story.

Once we're done listening, it's our chance to raise our hand to ask questions! So if anyone came across a word they don't know, this is the time to ask the teacher what it means.

Once everyone's questions have been answered, we read the page once more as a class. This helps everyone get a really good feel for how the words are pronounced.

Then it's time to start the real work! Each page has missing puncuation, words and a question related to the page we just read.

It's tough work, but with a bit of effort, Kindy 3 is able to show how great they really are!

Once the worksheet is completed, it goes to a teacher for a final check. Any final adjustments that need to be made are found here! When everything is all nice and perfect, then it's time to read to a teacher. 

After reading the book to a teacher, it's time to relax a bit and color the page that goes with the worksheet that was just completed. Doing Language Arts is no walk in the park, but Kindy 3 is able to show their grit, as always. Keep up the great job, Kindy 3!