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Time to Get Active!☆ Preschool

Time to Get Active!☆ Preschool


Hello Everyone! It's Preschool here!

Last week we did some super fun activities that got us moving our bodies!

We can't wait to show you what we've been up to...!

Everyone Line Up!

We've been learning how to line up nicely for a race. We use our listening ears to know when we need to run!

3...2...1... GOOOOOOO!

When we hear 'go' it's time to run as fast as we can to the finish line!

Run, run, RUUUUUUN!!!

That's it everyone you can do it!!!

We absolutely love to race! We always ask to race 'One more time!!'

Next up was the indoor obstacle course!!!

We haven't done an obstacle course before so we were very excited to try it out!

Hannah showed us how to complete te obstacles and we all waited nicely for our turn...

Time to CRAWL!!!!

We had to crawl really fast on the green mat on our hands and knees.

'Great job crawling!! You can do it!'

'You Can Do  It!'

Then it was time to tackle the tunnel!

We had to crawl through the wibbly-wobbly tunnel as quickly as we could...

'Keep Going, You Got This!!'

It was so much fun!!

We couldn't stop giggling!

'Say CHEESE!!!'

There's always time to stop for a quick photo!!

'Good Job! You're Almost There!!'

This was our first time trying out the tunnel and we did such a great job!

'Peek-a-Boo... I See YOU!!!'

You got through so fast!!

Well done!!

'Yay!!! You Did It!!'

Hooray!!! You made it to the otherside!

What's our next obstacle...?

Time to ROLLLLLL!!!

After we made it through the tunnel it was time to roll on the mats.

We had to use our core muscles to push ourselves over...

Well done everyone!!! You tried your very best to complete all the activities!

We are so impressed with how well you all listened to the teachers and waited patiently for your turn! ☆

We are so so proud of you!!!