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Halloween Happiness ☆ Small Kids

Halloween Happiness ☆ Small Kids



Do not worry! It's nothing scary, just us Small Kids using our scary voice. 

It is the event we have all been waiting for!! Our Halloween Party!! 

We want to tell you all about it, but first, do you want to hear about our Jack-o-Lantern? 

At first, he was just a regular pumpkin. And then we chose a nice face for him and then our teacher stenciled it on. 

I am ready to look awesome!

Working with a sharp blade is too dangerous for us so our teacher had to do the carving but we made sure to encourage her by clapping and chanting.

Go Go Mika, Go Go!

After the carving was done, we put away the knife and then it was time to go in! Let's see if we can get some pumpkin seeds!

"Sleeves up"

Let's go pumpkin seed searching!

Hands in! 

Yayy!! I found some seeds!!

It feels kind of weird :)

Okay! Let's all take a photo with Jackyyy!! 

Wait...where's his head?!

Ooopsieee!! Let me just stick that back

We love you Jackyyy!! 

Now...on to the PARTY!! *Whoop Whoop*

We got all dressed up in our gorgeous costumes and headed to our party! 

Our first activity was our snow globe halloween version. 

First, we put in our Halloween accessories and some glitter.

"Sprinkle Sprinkle"

Then we closed the lid back.

Close it tight!

Then the best part...

"Shake Shake Shake" 

Next, our classroom monster was a bit hungry so we had to feed him his favorite food! PUMPKINS!!

A pumpkin for you Sir?

Open wide and say aaahhhh...

Here you are! 

Game #2 was Popping Pinatas. 

We chose the color we wanted and pulled on the  tag for a sparkly surprise.

I did it!! 

Yayy!! We got some nice prizes!

Now it's time for a walk down the red carpet! 

Let's strut our stuff in the fashion show!! 

Work it! Work it!

Oh yeah!


Wheww!! We worked that red carpet! Fantastic job supermodels ;)

Let's do our final activity! 

Trick or Treat!!

Knock Knock Knock

Trick or Treat!!

I wonder who is behind that door?

Oh Hi Kerstin!! 

Thank you for the treats!! 

Now to finish up! Let's sing the Halloween Song!

Go away!! 

Wow!! That was so much fun!!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about it like we enjoyed it!


See you on our next adventure!