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The Final Magic of Halloween ☆ Kindy 1

The Final Magic of Halloween ☆ Kindy 1


Hello everyone, Kindy 1 class here!

Before our Halloween break, we had been learning about all the many types of Dairy Foods we enjoy. A perfectly magical sort of food group that all transformed from Milk. How magic is it to make butter from milk?

"We'll be doing magic together, Kindy 1!"

"Toni, I don't know how to do magic."

"That's okay. If we try hard and have fun, it'll work! First, let's think of some magic words and we can say them together before letting our friends add their magic next."

"What does Cinderella's fairy godmother say to change her clothes?"

"Bibbidi bobbidi boo!"

"Keep shaking! Do you know what magicians and wizards say when they wave their wands?"


"I think they say Abracadabra Alakazam!"


"Good, yes! Pass it to your friend!"

"We have one more magic phrase, Kindy 1. Did you hear your teachers say it earlier? Let's use IKA magic words, Please and Thank You!"

"Please and Thank you!"

"Good job, everyone!"

Everyone, even the teachers had a turn to add their magic to our milk. We shook our bottle of milk saying our three magic phrases before passing them all to Toni.

"Kindy 1, did you hear that?"

Instead of shaking and hearing milk or air, as soon as everyone had a turn our milk began to sound very solid and heavy!

"It worked!"

"Good job, Kindy 1!"

"Yay! We're magic!"

After we all washed our hands and got our drink bottles, we all had a taste. It was so good! We were able to have our Kindy 1 Butter on both of our crackers.

Halloween isn't complete without a Jack-o-Lantern!

"I want to cut it!"

"I want to eat it!"

"I want to make its face!"

"I can pull so much out!"

"Can you? You can grab all of it's guts?"


Not all of us wanted to get our hands dirty. That's okay.

"Do you want to move Toni's hand instead?"


"Okay, go ahead and hold my elbow. Ready? Wait, not my whole arm!"

Many of us wanted to try a second time, so we did! Then, after we all cleaned up, we finalized what face we wanted on our jack-o-lantern.

"Triangle eyes!"

"Happy mouth!"

We didn't want a scary jack-o-lantern.

"A big nose!"

"A what?"

"A circle nose!"

"A big circle nose!"

And then, we voted on a name.

"Mail Carrier!"


"Oh, so it's a boy jack-o-lantern?"




"Okay, a girl then."

So, we had a good end of October with our magic and Mia the Jack-O-Lantern.

Good job, Kindy 1! Toni and Ari are proud of you and hope you had a great holiday for the rest of Halloween. Let's have another great week together!