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English Time Fun Week in October☆

English Time Fun Week in October☆


Hello everyone! We're English Time!

Today we're showig you our October Fun Week Craft and Game!

We can't wait for you to see...


This month we're making a Fortune Teller!!!

This is a special CST Fortune Teller that we had to colour and fold...

We started our craft by colouring in the fortune teller paper.

We wanted to make them colourful and bright!!!

Good job colouring everyone!!!

Our next step was to fold the paper in a certain way to make the fortune teller work.

Lots of us used our origami skills to fold the paper carefully and precisely...

Well done everyone!!! You're folding the paper so well!

WOW!!! Your fortune tellers look amazing!!! 

Our fun week game this month was musical chairs!

We all love playing musical chairs so much, it's one of our favourite games!!!

After putting our chairs in a circle, we dance around to the music.

When the music stops we need to quickly sit on a chair!

Anyone that doesn't sit on a chair is out!!

Let's see who the winner will be...

Hooraaayyyyyy!!! You're the winner!!!!

Well done for playing everyone and for being such good sports!