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Food Food...Good Food ⭐︎ Small Kids

Food Food...Good Food ⭐︎ Small Kids


A Yummy Hello from the Small Kids!!

We got a treat for you today…and we mean a visual and tasty one!

Our theme for November was Food. And we do love the yummy stuff!!

As usual, we learnt all about our different foods during the lesson using flashcards and gestures.

We're going to show you some of our favorites. Can you play along and guess what it is? No peeking!! 

First one...its sweet and looks like a small cake...

It's a muffin! 

Next's round with a hole in the middle...

It's a donut!

Last one...we have to use the cutting action - "cutting cutting cutting"

It's bread!

How many did you get right? :) 

Now let's look at our favourite food game!

It's called "Hungry Teacher" 


Oh my! What's that sound? 

Oh no! Kerstin is hungry! Let's help her by making her favoutite meals. We need a main course and something sweet for dessert. 


One plate for the main course and one plate for dessert.

We will do our best to help our teacher! We will listen to her requests and put the correct food on her plates. 

Here's some chicken!

And a muffin for dessert

Cookies go best with hamburgers, right?

We got really excited when Kerstin asked us for our favourite items.

Ice-cream is always on MY list!

We did it!! Yummy in the tummy!

Our teacher was so energized after all that yummy food and we all used our big voices to sing our Food Song: "Ravioli"


Since November was all about Food, let's show you a little bit of our lunchtime!

It's important to learn about food and also to eat well so we can grow up to have healthy bodies. At lunch time, we all sit together and eat at the table.  


Food with friends = good times!

We practice eating with our fork and spoon. 

"Nom Nom Nom"

Let's all do our best to eat everything and get strong bodies!

I did it!! 

Thank you for the food!! 

Delicious and Nutritious!!

Remember to eat well and grow strong bodies!

Thank you for hanging with the Small Kids.

See you on our next adventure!