International Kids Academy

Hyperfocus Breaktime ☆ Kindy 1

Hyperfocus Breaktime ☆ Kindy 1


Hello everyone! Kindy 1 class here!

We are all so busy working on Christmas Concert, we need a little break! lol

Toni showed us a little surprise today! We got some pipe cleaners and had to practice holding it nicely.

“Kindy 1, can you make an X with them?”

So easy!

“Now, can you twist them?”

So hard! Help please, Toni!

“Try, please! If you need help, it's okay to just leave it on the ground.”

Oh, yeah, we can do that!

Then, Toni gave us all some beads. She counted to ten, and we could name all the colors!

Was this for Halloween?

“Haha, no not for Halloween. For Fall!”

Toni said we ran out of yellow, but we could see her craft look like corn! 

We all finished our first ten beads easily! More please, Toni! Can we have some more beads for our craft?

“If you're finished then you can get a handful of beads yourself. Just be careful so you don't drop any, okay?”

We all tried to grab as much as we could, and we were so good at checking to see if we can hold everything nicely. Toni dropped more beads than we did, haha!

“If you are ready for more, please put only ten more beads on each pipe cleaner. Can you do it?”

Yes we can!

We were so focused! All of us were counting ten beads on our own. Of course, as soon as all of us started to count we lost count of our own. Woops. Oh well, we got to get more beads anyway and Toni checked us when we did. 

“Ooh, you were so fast. Good job!”

Some of us even wanted to help our friends! We got beads for each other and showed others how we put the beads on.

Good job today, Kindy 1! Toni and Ari and so proud of your hard work, and we hope to have another quick break to finish our craft soon, because we have another craft to do this month! Keep your energy up, everyone! Let's have another great week together!