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Outside Fun and Creative Time!☆Preschool

Outside Fun and Creative Time!☆Preschool


Hello everyone! It's Preschool here!

Last week we had lots of fun getting creative with big paper and having imaginative play outside!!

"Let's Make a Den!!!"

We love to pretend we're monsters, witches and spooky mummies! 

"There's a Monster at the Door!!!"

When a 'monster' knocked on the door we all had to hide or run away!!!

"Oh No!!!!! It's the Monster!!!!"

"Quick! Everyone, hide in the den! Don't let the monster catch you!"

"Safe At Last!!!"

When the monster disappeared we were safe again! Hooraayyyy!!

After all the fun outside, it was time to get creative with some big paper!!!

"What a Lovely Drawing!"

This is one of our most favourite things to do! We love to make big shapes, pictures and scribbles on our paper...

Focus, Focus, Focus...

When it comes to drawing, we have excellent concentration! Some of us like to sit at the table to colour, and some of us like to lay on the floor - either is great!

Colouring Together!!

We love to be together! We espcially like watching each other colour and draw, and sometimes give our friends a helping hand!

"Oooo! You Made a Spooky Face!"

We're working on drawing shapes and pictures, like circles, lines and faces! Great job!

"Taa-Daa!!! Look What I Made!"

When our drawing's are complete, we love to show our teachers what we made!

"That's a fantastic picture! Well Done!!!"

Brilliant work, as always, Preschool! We couldn't be prouder of you!♡