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Morning Marvels ☆ Kindy 3

Morning Marvels ☆ Kindy 3


Hello, everyone! It's time for another Kindy 3 blog! This week we'll be talking about our new and improved morning routine! The normal morning routine was fun, but this new version is more focused on everyone having a chance to participate!

To start, the morning routine is now in worksheet form. This worksheet has been crafted so that it shouldn't be too difficult, and is a nice way to warm up to start our day.

There are still many familiar aspects such as days, weather and verbs! However, we've also added a bit more fun! Now everyone can draw the weather, color the temperature and draw their verb of choice! So far everyone seems to be having a blast!

Everyone has about 10 minutes to finish. During this time they are free to ask questions or get up to look at the calendar or thermometer!

Once all that is done, we go over it together! This is where everyone gets excited!

Everyone has an equal chance to participate in the morning routine and share their own unique verson of it! Sometimes the weather might differ a bit. To one person it's warm, but to another person it might be windy. It's great to see all the variations!

The same goes with the verb portion of the worksheet! Everyone is so excited to share the verb they chose! This routine is still very new, but it's so great to see how everyone is having so much fun with it! Awesome job, Kindy 3!