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Hoop Hoop Hurray ☆ Small KIds

Hoop Hoop Hurray ☆ Small KIds


Hello Everyone!

Small Kids are back again with another fun edition!

Recently, we've been having fun with some hula hoops and want to tell you all about it. 

The hula hoops are fun to play with every time we play outside. They're easy to use and it's good exercise for our bodies. 

We love to hold it like a steering wheel and pretend we're driving a car. 

Vroom, vroom, vroom...beep beep!

We like to put them around our waists and spin it around. 

Swish Swish Swish

We lay them down nicely and make a path. Then we walk through them, one at a time. 

"Walking Walking"

We use them to practice our throwing skills too!


And when we're outside, we sometimes love to race the hoops with Kerstin. 


Go! Go! Go!

It's so awesome when we play outside, but this week we had some rainy days so we couldn't play outside. So, our teachers decided to bring the fun, INSIDE! 

First, we sat down on the mat and listened to our teachers. They told us about the activities and having to take turns because we were inside the classroom and not outside as usual.

Excellent listening!

Alright! On to the fun times! 

Let's do some more throwing!! 

This time, Kerstin held the hoop high off the ground so we had to reach to throw the ball through the hoop.



And we made sure to cheer our friends along!

"Go Go Go"

Okay!! Throwing skills are fantastic!! Let's do some jumping!

We were called two at a time so we could practice jumping together with our friends.


"Jump Jump Jump"

Let's hold hands and jump together! 

So fun!!

Jumping is better with friends, right?

Together, Together!

And we love jumping, but sometimes we like taking a nice walk too. And that's okay!!

Let me grab a friend and take a nice walk through the hoops!

Let's go walking, walking, walking

Yay!! So much jumping!! So much fun!!

Let's wind down with one last activity.

We each get a hoop and practice going round slowly. 

to the the right

Yay!! We did it!!

Thank you for hanging out with the Small Kids!!

We had so much fun!! Maybe you can try some of these activities at the park with your friends or at home with your family!

See you on our next adventure!