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Sweet Sweet Valentine's Day Cooking ☆ Kindy 1

Sweet Sweet Valentine's Day Cooking ☆ Kindy 1


Hello everyone! Kindy 1 Class here!
Valentine's Day snuck up on us, and we were super excited to be cooking for the holiday! First, we all had to make sure to wash our hands and our wrists before we got our aprons on. Then, we got in our chairs, ready for step one!

"Kindy 1, please open your bag for your biscuits and try to close the bag so you can smash them up!"

"Toni! Ari! I can't close my bag!"

"That's okay. Try your best, and just make sure you don't spill."

Then we could choose the cups for our chocolate treats!

"I want a heart cup!"

"I want a circle cup!"

"It's so cute!"

After we carefully filled our cups, Toni and Ari realized we had enough for TWO each! It was a perfect fit for our cookie crumbs!

While we had been working on our cookie crumbs, Toni was busy melting our chocolate. It was ready!

"Kindy 1, these are your chocolates, right? Your teachers are going to scoop the chocolate for you, but you need to move our spoons so that everything is covered. Okay?"

"Okay, Toni!"

"It looks so yummy!"

"I want to eat it now!"

"I did it!"

But we weren't done yet! We had sprinkles too!

"Try not to eat the sprinkles, everyone. You need to decorate your chocolates now."

"It's so colorful!"

We ended up touching the cholocate, so of course we had to lick our fingers. lol

We found extra chocolates just as we were finishing, so we all got to add even more sweets!

"This looks delicious! Let's eat!"

"Let's eat!"

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Kindy 1! We love doing cooking lessons with you, so Toni and Ari and all of your teachers were very excited to have this treat with you! Let's all have another great week together!