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Mike's Perspective ⭐︎ Small Kids

Mike's Perspective ⭐︎ Small Kids


Hello everyone!

I'm Mike! 

I know you may be wondering who Mike is but I know you see me every day. 

I am the Small Kids' mascot and I watch over our classroom every day. 

Nice to meet you! 

Today, I am going take you on a journey of the Small Kids' classroom. 

There are many things I see every day. Come with me and I'll show you what a typical day is like for Small Kids.

In the mornings, I wait patiently but excitedly for everyone to come in.

Good morning everyone!

As soon as they come in, they unpack their backpacks and put their stuff away.

Blue books go in the basket

They put their lunch sets on the table, drink bottles in the drink bin and everything else in their cubbies. 

Bye Bye Jacket & Backpack 

Then when we they are all ready, we start our Morning Routine. This is my favorite part of the day because the Small Kids get to put the "Days of the Week" and "Weather" stickers on my right and left hand. 

It's Wednesday!

It's cloudy!

After the lesson is finished, it's toilet time. The kid's all take turns and while some of them are in the toilet the rest play on the mat. Small Kids love the mat! Recently, they've been using the toys to match the ABCs on the mat. 

I found "Bb"

Usually, after toilet time they play outside and for that they need to get their shoes from the shoe shelf. 

Those shoes are super neat! :) 

This past week it's been rainy and cold so they couldn't go outside to play, so instead they enjoyed doing activities inside the classroom, like using the whiteboard. 

The kids love the classroom rainbow. They get together and discuss the colours and sing the Rainbow song during playtime. 

I like this colour!

Next, let me tell you about our toy cubbies. The kids use them many times a day. They get the toys out to play and pack them back nicely when they're done. It's all about teamwork!

Whenever they finish playing, they always tidy up together and put the toy bin away in the toys section of the cubbies. 

"Heave-Ho Heave-Ho Heave-Ho"

Alright! It's lunch time now! 

This is the lunch table. The teachers put the lunch sets down so when its time to eat they know exactly where to sit down. 

This one is mine!

Yum Yum Yum! Enjoy your lunch guys! Eat up so you can have strong bodies! 

In the afternoon, the kids do many activities after lunch like balloon time, dance time or parachute, but this week they started on their end of year craft. They all wait nicely and take turns at the craft table. The teachers lay it out nicely and give details and explanation of what they're going to make. 

Ah! Excellent Listening! 

Sometimes the kids combine activities like in this next photo. Some kids are doing craft and the others are enjoying "Book Time" while they wait for their turn. 

Thank you for waiting nicely guys!

And of course, after "Book time" they tidy up nicely and put the books back in the bookshelf. 

Bye Bye Books!

Wow...what a productive day it's been! You guys did such an amazing job!

Now, it's time for the last activity of the day. They wind down with "Story time." Their teacher picks a book and reads a story to them. I quite enjoy the story too. It's a relaxing way to end the day. 

Ssshhh... do not disturb :) 

And that is what it's like on a typical Small Kids Day!

Thank you so much for hanging out in the Small Kids classroom!

Don't forget to say Hi the next time you come in :)

See you on our next adventure!