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Practicing Makes For Easy Fun ☆ Kindy 1

Practicing Makes For Easy Fun ☆ Kindy 1


Hello everyone, Kindy 1 Class here!

We had a great time last week, you know? Because Sports Day was on Saturday, it was our last chance to really practice everything we were going to do! One last minute practice we needed was marching! During rehearsal, we all did pretty well. See how well we can walk in a line?

Oh boy, when we first started we still needed help remembering what team we were on, and how we could make our two lines merge and break back into two as needed.

"Let's make a line leader for orange and white team. How about that?"

"I want to be line leader!"

"Can you follow the end of the other line when you see them pass you?"


"Okay, we can try."

The obstacle course was also great fun! The net was still a little hard, but we could try to move fast now!

The first time we tried to go under the net, it was so hard!

"Oh dear, are you stuck?"


"Okay, keep going! Your teammates are cheering for you!"

We didn't practice riding piggy back until last week too. It looked so easy, and it was so fun to try and reach the bells we needed to hit.

But, even though it was fun and we all did great, Toni thought we could be faster. So she had us go over how to hold onto your backs, mom and dad! And then, we needed to keep our eyes on the price and really REAAACH for the bells above us!

"Jump! Jump! JUMP!"

It was still kinda hard for some of us, so Toni showed us how to do a running jump. We all managed to jump high enough to hit the bells!

Then, safety techniques!

"Kindy 1, keep your hand stretched out in front of you. Why?"

"Because it's going to be ouch!"

"My friend will hit my face on my hand!"

"Yes, correct! When your friend tags you, your hand will be moving from them and can hit you on accident! So, please, keep your hand stretch out away from you!"

Our racing partners were always so close, and so we were trying to get faster and faster!

"Move with a sense of urgency, Kindy 1! Move fast fast fast! Fly!"

We were also able to play tug-o-war! Orange Team versus White Team! It's so fun! We were ready for Sports Day!

And now this week we all look forward to seeing you again for Parents Week! We've been practicing hard for this, too! We're all ready!

Good job, Kindy 1! Sports Day was so fun, and this week will go by just as excitedly! Let's all do our best to show your moms and dads what we know and what we can do together!