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Learning and having fun at the same time!  ☆  Kindy 3

Learning and having fun at the same time!☆Kindy 3


Hello, everyone!

This month in Kindy 3 we are learning all about hygiene! We did an experiment with pepper, soap and water. If you put a finger in the pepper water, the pepper will stick. Just like how germs and bacteria will stick to our fingers when we touch something dirty. Then, if we touch our eyes, mouth or nose they will burn from the pepper, right? Just like how germs can make us sick if we put our fingers in our eyes, mouth or nose.

But what happens if we put a soapy finger into the pepper water? It's like magic, try it at home with your parents and see! Just like pepper, germs don't like soap either. Let's make sure to always wash our hands properly with soap!

Pianica is a Kindy 3 class favorite! Most of us have never played before, but we are excited to learn. We started with just learning the notes, but next we are going to do the song 'Hot Cross Buns'. I can't wait!

We enjoyed playing balancing games outside and in the gym to improve our body coordination.

And we have some time to play after we finish eating our lunch. Everyday we make big train railways!

                                               "Look how long our railway is today!"

                                                             "I prefer coloring!"

                                                                   "Me too!"

Of course, there is plenty of study too. laugh