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Around The Clock Learning ☆ Kindy 3

Around The Clock Learning ☆ Kindy 3


Hello again everyone!


Recently, in Kindy 3 we are learning all about time. This week we talked about our favorite time of the day. As expected, while at IKA, Kindy 3's favorite time is when we are in the gym!

"You can't catch me!"

Or playing outside...

But, everyone agreed that their most favorite time is snack time after school, or bedtime at home with Mom and Dad heart


Today, we made clocks in class to help us practice reading the minutes hand on a clock.

It's important to focus when using scissors...

"Let me help you"

"I did it!"

"Who can tell me what time it is now?"

"I can!"

"Me too!"

We made clocks out of ourselves too. Can you see what time it is?


It's 11:05. 

 "Can you make 9:25?"

"Good job!"

Well done Kindy 3! Let's do our best to become masters of telling the time!