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Preschool Twister! ☆ Preschool Class

Preschool Twister! ☆ Preschool Class


Hello, everyone! Preschool here! This week we made our own game with everyone’s help! We started with all of these paints and got called up to give our handprints!

Once we had paint, we even practiced covering our hands like we would while using soap! Rub rub rub!

Of course we couldn't only have our hand prints! It tickles so much!

After we finished giving our hand and foot prints, our teachers cut them all out to make something special for us!

Using a color wheel spinner, we got to see what our color is! After saying the color we have to listen to either 'hand' or 'foot'! 

We took our shoes off so if we heard 'foot!' we could step on the new mat without problems!

If we heard 'hand!' we had to pay the mat with our hands! We tried to match up with the handprints even if they weren't ours! It's a mystery!

We really took our time making our very own Twister mat! It's something special we produced by ourselves that we can use to practice our colors! Fantastic job, preschool!