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Learning Lots! ☆ Kindy 1

Learning Lots! ☆ Kindy 1


Hello everyone! We are having so much fun in Kindy 1 so far this summer. We have been learning a lot about some new topics this month; how to be safe in the pool, the names of animal moms and their babies, how to use the words "near" and "far" to describe where something is, and much more! 

Playing in the pool has been a blast! We've been learning the pool rules- how to play nicely, how to walk around the yard instead of run, and how to be careful not to splash water in anyone's face!

Of course, we've been making sure to drink lots of water when we're outside! It is summer, after all!

In class this week, we learned about the words "near" and "far" to talk about where something is located. We did an online worksheet all together, and we got all the answers right!

After that, we did our own coloring worksheet where we drew flowers and butterflies "near" the tree. 

We also learned how to write the letter "H" this week. We are getting SO much better at writing and coloring nicely. Yay for Kindy 1!

Have a great summer break everyone! See you next time! :)