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Sense-ational Science ☆ Kindy 3

Sense-ational Science ☆ Kindy 3


Hello Everyone,

Do you know the 5 senses? They are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Kindy 3 have been learning all about them in science as well as through our language arts book. For some more hands-on learning we have done some fun sense activities this week.

First, we did a smelling team quiz. Each team was given 8 pieces of paper with different smells on them like vanilla, perfume, chocolate or coffee.

"This one smells like ice-cream!"

"This one is cookies! Write it down!"


Also, we tried cupping our ears to catch more soundwaves and see if it made noises louder.

It works!

"I can feel vibrations from the music when I touch the wall!"


And today, we did a quick craft. It was so much fun! We made a sensory touch cube. It has lots of different textures to feel and play with. They are smooth, rough, hard, soft and fluffy, bumpy, and crinkly.

First, we made a cube...

Then, we started gluing on our different textures...

"I'm done!"

Everyone really enjoyed gluing on the different textures, it was a nice way to relax at the end of our day. Let's play with them once they are all dry!