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Spelling Shenanigans!

Spelling Shenanigans!


Hello again, everyone! Kindy 3 is back again! This week’s blog is all about phonics! Phonics can be tricky, which is why it’s important to practice every day, even if it’s just a little bit.

As always, the best way to practice is by also turning it into a game! There are many games we play, so the possibilities are endless!

One game we play is a simple spelling game. Students work in groups and take turns spelling out words. The bigger the word, the more points it’s worth!

Only one student can spell at a time, so it’s critical for teammates to help out whenever they can! That makes this game excellent for teamwork practice as well!

Everyone gets super excited when it’s their turn to spell. This game has also been a good bonding experience for everyone involved! By working together, Kindy 3 is building stronger relationships with their classmates!

Sometimes this game can be a bit hard, but everyone was able to power through and give it a try.

The competitive nature of the game also encourages everyone to try their best. After all, it feels great to spell a big word and get lots of points for your team! Maybe next time we can score even more points! Awesome job, Kindy 3!