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A Pool Day Is A Fun Day ☆ Small Kids

A Pool Day Is A Fun Day ☆ Small Kids


Hello Everyone! Happy Summer! 

If summer is here then that means it’s POOL TIME!!! And we love a little “Splish Splash!”

We get very hyped up for pool time but as always, we must first…Prepare! 

First things first, we have to change into our swim clothes with the help of our teachers. 

Next, we have to make sure our bodies are ready. We must stretch and warm up to loosen our muscles because we want to have maximum fun. 

Okay everyone! “Let’s Stretch!!” “Walking Walking”

That’s it!! Let’s move those legs! “Up and down! Up and Down!”

Down we go! “Down down down” Touch the floor!

Alright!! We are all warmed up! Time to get to that water! 

Let’s test it? One foot, then the next…ahhhh it feels good!! “Splish Splash”

Oh wow! There’s even a pool table with colorful gadgets! Let’s play here with the turtles we made for our craft project this month!

Hmmmmm… I wonder what this does? “Thinking Thinking”

Hmmmmm… I wonder what this does? “Thinking Thinking”

Oooohhh! The slide next! That looks super fun! Yay! 

Down the slide I go! “Woooooossssshhhh”

The water isn’t just fun but cool and refreshing. After playing so much I just want to relax here for a little bit.

And as usual when we are done we must tidy up the toys and put it away for next time. “Everyone has to tidy up…tidy up…tidy up”

YAYY!! Fun days in the sun!! We have lots more to come this summer!

Thank you for hanging with us and see you on our next adventure! 

Enjoy your week off and see you soon!