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Pretend Popsicles! ⭐︎ Small Kids

Pretend Popsicles! ⭐︎ Small Kids


Hello again everyone! 

Small Kids are off on an adventure of rolling, cutting and molding. 

~~It’s Play Dough Time~~

Recently, it’s been so hot that when we can’t go outside, we stay in and enjoy a nice play dough session. 

We sit at the table nicely with our blue boards as we wait to make our cutting and play dough choices. 

First, we make a choice of cutters or rollers. 

Then, we are given three choices of play dough. Red, yellow or blue. Which one do you want? 

We are all set! We will start molding now! Let’s practice rolling first! “Rolling Rolling”

Great! Now that it is rolled we are going to practice cutting. “Cutting Cutting”

Nice work everyone!

Now on to a different technique. Let’s make a hole with the end of our cutter and pretend we have popsicles! 

1…2…3 Press it in! 

Now hold it up and yay! It’s a popsicle! 

Doesn’t it look so yummy?! “Yummy Yummy”

Excellent work Small Kids! 

Now, it’s tidy up time! “Everyone has to tidy up, tidy up, tidy up”

To tidy up our bits of play dough we have to gather them in our hands and make it into a ball. “Squeeze Squeeze”

Then we place them back in the right color containers. “In You Go”

Thank you and goodbye play dough! Cover the lid tightly! “Push Push”

Bye Bye Cutters! Back into the cutter box! 

And finally! We give the blue boards to our teacher. Here you are, Kerstin!

Play Dough session is done! Well… for this week, but we’ll be back to cutting and molding again very soon! 

Thank you for hanging with the Small Kids! 

See you on our next adventure!