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English Time Fun Week in August☆

English Time Fun Week in August☆


Hello Everyone!!

Fun Week is here again and this time we are building robots using shapes made from recycled scrap paper.

For this activity we used three main shapes and multiple colors, both dark and light.

Not only did we use different shapes, we used many different colours as well. We got to practice asking our teachers for the colors we wanted and mixing and matching to make a super fabulous robot!

Orange, please!

Rectangles, triangles and circles were our three main shapes. Coupled with some glue sticks, scissors and a colorful imagination we set off to create our robots!

So let's break it down by shape!


We pieced together the head and body using our two biggest rectangles. We chose two colors and used our glue stick to put them together.

We then used our two long and thin rectangles for the legs. We did our best to find matching colours for our legs.

For the ears we needed two small rectangles of the same size.

And for the mouth, one thing rectangle that is slightly longer than the ones we used for the ears.

Ah yes, coming together nicely!


Shapes are always fun to work with and since some of a robot’s features are similar to ours it was fun to guess what shape was needed for which robot part. 

Hmm.. what shape do you think would work for the nose?

A triangle works best, right?

How about arms you ask? Well, how about we cut out two matching triangles for those.


Well eyes for sure! And boy, we had a variety of colored eyes to choose from!


And last but not least, we used circular stickers for the buttons at the front of the robot.

Yay!! We did it!! Check out our masterpieces below!

And for our Fun Week Game for August. We played “Simon Says”Here's how it works: Our teachers give us an instruction starting with “Simon Says…” and we have to follow and copy the action.

Simon Says: Touch your shoulders!

Simon says: Touch your cheeks!

Say cheeeeeeseeeee :D

Simon Says: Touch your head!

Simon Says: Hop on one leg

Jump! Jump! Jump!

We had a blast!! 

Thank you for coming!!

See you next time!! :)