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Sounding Out Our Stories ☆ Kindy 1

Sounding Out Our Stories ☆ Kindy 1


Hello everyone! Kindy 1 class here!

We have always enjoyed story time, either for listening to our teachers, for looking at our books on our own, or to practice our critical thinking with story questions. Those are the same question words we practice with for Show and Tell!


"Ready for the next question? Kindy 1, let's ask a 'When' question."


"When did Baby Bop play tag?"

"She did it at the end!"

"She was It first!"

"She played after the slide!"

We are really good at story questions!

Our Phonics Leaders are getting really good with pronunciation, too.

"Let's do our Phonics."


We've noticed words around the classroom, like on our schedule or when we go over words that start with certain letters. We are especially good at recognizing our names and our friends' names. In some our story books, we can recognize and find words that are used a lot.

Now, Toni is showing us how to break down a word and use our phonics to sound them out.

"Okay, Kindy 1. What phonics is this?"

"L, l-l-l-l!"
"What phonics is next?"

"E, e-e-e-e!"

"Lll, Eee, Ggg. What word did we read?"


"Oh! What's a leg?"

"Body parts!"

"Nnn, Aaa, Ppp. What did we read?"


"What is a nap?"

"It's when you, when you, like this!"

"Like good night!"

"Good night!"

"Oh, good night Kindy 1!"

We really like our new Library books. For story time, Toni is reading our books more than teacher books when we ask. We are really excited to be bringing our books home, too. Please read with us, mommy and daddy!

Good job, Kindy 1! Toni and Ari are super proud of your hard work with your phonics and how much you love stories. You are all getting the hang of sounding out your phonics to read your words, and we love how enthused you are to have your library books. Keep it up and let's have another great week together!