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Salute! ☆ Kindy 2

Salute! ☆ Kindy 2


Hello everyone!

We were so excited about going to the police station this week. We practiced really hard to learn all the rules in the street and how to walk to the station by ourselves. We got to learn so much about the uniforms, cars and bikes that they have at the police station. 


Getting to walk to the station was so much fun! We made sure to listen to teachers and stay with our friends. 

Once we arrived at the station we got to change into our very own uniforms! We even practiced how to do a salute. 

"Raise your right hand."

When we were all dressed in our uniforms we even got to do police officer work. The officers made sure to explain how to do our job safely. 

"Don't put the sign past the white barrier. That would be dangerous!"

We made sure all the cars driving past could see our signs. We held them up as high as we could. 

"Please drive carefully!"

After completing our job for the day, we got to learn about the police cars and bikes. They showed us the lights, buttons and sirens. We made sure to listen carefully as this was so interesting!

"The siren is so loud!"

They even showed all the cool tools the officers carry around to help them do their work. 

"This is a baton."

"I know this one!"

We had lots of questions to ask the officers about how they do their job and what types of things they do. 

"Why are you wearing this uniform?"

"What is that sign used for?"

All of our hard work at the station learning the salute paid off! 

The police station was so much fun but soon it was time to make our way back to school. We were worn out from all the walking but we still made sure to smile for the picture!

Great job on the field trip Kindy 2!