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It's A Fruity September☆Small Kids

It's A Fruity September☆Small Kids


Hello Everyone!

It's the end of the month and we want to tell you all about our theme. 

September was all about FRUITS! 

Here come the lesson flashcards!

Banana! "Nom Nom Nom...yummy yummy yummy"

We love doing the gestures for the different fruits. Can you guess this one below? 


Guess what we did next? We went shopping!!!

Off to the fruit market with our shopping basket to get some fruits! 

Our teacher told us the fruit then we had to go to the whiteboard, find it and then put it in the basket. 


I got the apple everyone! Yay!

And sometimes when our friends needed help we pointed to the correct fruit to send them in the right direction. 

"Over there, over there, over there"

Yay!! We did it!! "Touch" 

During this month's game we also practiced sharing. After using the basket, we shared it with the next person to get a turn in the game.

"Here you are"

Next we did our favourite type of game! It's a puzzle game!! Yessss we love puzzles!!

Our teachers broke the fruits into pieces and we helped to put them back together!! 

"Hmmmmmm" I wonder where this one goes?

Slow and Steady with my Strawberry!!

I'm being so careful with the pineapple.

Ah! There's the orange!

"Easy Peasy" 1..2..3

Now it's time to move and groove to our fruits song - "Way Up High"

We especially loved the part where we had to pretend to shake the tree so the fruit could fall down.

So I shook that tree as hard as I could "Shake shake shake shake shake"

We even brought out our "air guitars" to play along with the music. 


"Strum Strum Strum"

That's it for fruits!! 

What a fun and yummy lesson it was!

Thank you so much for hanging with Small Kids! 

See you on our next adventure!!