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Rise, Shine and Rhyme: Kindy Time ☆ Kindy 3

Rise, Shine and Rhyme: Kindy Time ☆ Kindy 3


Hello again, everyone! It's that time of the week for another Kindy 3 blog! This time we'll be talking about our morning routine! WIth Christmas Concert practice in full swing, it's more important than ever to remember the small details such as the date, weather and verbs!

Each day student is randomly assigned a job to do in the morning. We have to do things like date, weather, temperature and even a morning message! 

Each job has a section on the wall where the students write on. However, the hardest part isn't the writing part, it's being able to stand in front of the class and be a leader! It can be a bit nervewracking to stand up there by yourself, and it's something that certinly takes a bit of practice.

But as always, Kindy 3 doesn't disappoint! Everyone is able to finish their jobs with minimal help! In the off chance that help is needed, everyone does a fantastic job asking their friends to help out. Kindy 3 keeps demonstrating how sharp they are, and now everyone knows the morning routine like the back of their hand! Keep up the good work, Kindy 3!