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New Year Dragons! ☆Preschool

New Year Dragons! ☆Preschool


Hello everyone! It's Preschool here! ♡

This week we've been very busy welcoming in the New Year by making New Year Dragons for 2024!!

We can't wait to show you how we made them!!

First, we listened carefully to Arisa who explained what we were making and how we were going to make it. She showed us the dark green and light green paint and our paintbrushes!

Time to Paint a Dragon!!!

We LOVE painting!!! We carefully dip our brushes into the green paint and start to paint our pictures...

Mix, Mix, Mix...

We mix the two colours together to make beautiful green dragons!!

Good Focus Everyone!!

We concentrate on our own paintings to make them the best they can be! Good work Preschool!!

Working Carefully...

We think about how to paint our dragons and use our paintbrushes to dab and swipe on the paint!

Bringing Our Dragons to Life!!!

When the paint had dried it was time to give our dragons a face!! We coloured in two eyes...

Peel, Peel, Peel...

And peel off the sticky back to stick them on the dragon's face!!

Looking Fierce!!!

Then, we gave our dragon's a little blue nose...

The Finishing Touches!!

And some fabulous yellow hair and horns!!!

"Look!! Look What I Made!!!"

Wow!!! What a wonderful New Year Dragon!!! We love showing our creations with our friends!

"I Made a Big, Green Dragon!"

You worked so hard to make your dragon so brilliant!! Well done!!!

A huge WELL DONE to you, Preschool!!!! ♡

We're so pleased you enjoyed making your dragons and we can't wait to start our next craft soon! ☆