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Follow The Leader! ☆ Preschool

Follow The Leader! ☆ Preschool


Hello everyone! This time, preschool wants to show how they can lead their friends during the morning routine and throughout the day! First we have to look up to the wall and find out who our leaders are! Who could it be?

Our first leader up is the Bluebook Leader! Our Bluebook Leader carries the basket to the table, heave ho!

What do we say to our friends when they finish helping? Thank you!

Up next come our Lunch Leaders! The lunch set basket is very heavy so we have to help our friends and work together!

After the baskets are out of the way, we can call up our Days of the Week Leader! This helps us get ready for the day ahead!

Once we all know what day it is, it's time to check the weather with our Weather Leader! Let's look outside! How's the weather today?

When everyone agrees on the weather, the weather leader makes the final decision! What do you think?

Let's try our best to be so tall and stick the weather on top of the cherry on our milkshske!

Last, but most certainly not least, on our leader list, we have the Line Leader! We listen closely to know when it's time to line up whenever we leave the classroom all together!

We are always so excited to see who the leader is going to be in the morning! Everyone is working on using a big voice when it's their turn to be leader! We hope we can get more and more confident as leaders throughout the year! Amazing job, Preschool!